07.07.2022 – Tallinn Town Hall 700

The Tallinn Town Hall is the oldest and the only surviving Gothic town hall in the Nordic and Baltic countries. It is first mentioned in the year 1322 as a consistorium and in 1372 as a town hall. The town hall was given its layout as well as interior and exterior appearance, the key features… Read More »

17.06.2022 – 100 years of diplomatic relations Estonia-United States

The Republic of Estonia and the United States are celebrating a centenary of diplomatic relations in 2022. On 28 July 1922, the United States officially recognised the sovereign Republic of Estonia de jure. To celebrate this landmark event, Eesti Post has issued a postage stamp depicting the symbols treasured by the nations of both Estonia… Read More »

09.06.2022 – Motor sailer Läänemaa

The motor sailer Läänemaa is one of the most notable ships in the history of Estonian cargo fleet. This cargo ship was the first state-of-the-art steel-hulled ship built in Estonia that sailed under the same name until the end. The ship was designed by one of the most skilled shipbuilding engineers, Lieutenant Captain Nikolai Link,… Read More »

01.06.2022 – Children’s stamp – send a postcard

The tradition of sending postcards and letters to friends and loved ones has persevered through time. In Europe, regular mail transportation began with the initiative of Franz von Taxis in 1495, between Vienna and Brussels. Estonia established its first regular postal link with Sweden in 1638. The first postage stamp was issued in England in… Read More »

19.05.2022 – Seasons

There are four very distinct seasons in Estonia. The arrival of each season is signalled by the beautiful flowers that we expect to bloom every year. Galanthus or snowdrop is a genus of plants in the Amaryllidaceae family. The natural growing area of the snowdrop is from Europe to West Asia, it blooms in early… Read More »

05.05.2022 – EUROPA – stories and myths

This year, the theme of the EUROPA stamp series is stories and myths. The stamps depict the painting ‘Tiritamme kasvatamine’ (‘Doing a headstand’) and the tapestry design ‘Siuru-lindu Kalevipojast’ (‘The Siuru bird from Kalevipoeg’) by the artist Oskar Kallis.Kalevipoeg is a mythical hero in Estonian folklore, which contains many legends and stories about a mighty… Read More »

20.04 – Estonian forest trees – the curly birch

The curly birch is a variant of the silver birch with a peculiar wood texture. It is extremely variable in terms of growth form: it may stand at a medium height or, more often, be a stocky, short tree with a curved or straight trunk and a crown reminiscent of an apple tree. Sometimes, it… Read More »

11.04.2022 – Estonian Tennis Association 100

The Estonian Tennis Association was founded on 10 July 1922. The founding members were five associations at the time: the Lawn Tennis Club of Estonia, the Tallinn Lawn Tennis and Hockey Club, the Narva Lawn Tennis and Hockey Club, the tennis department of the Estonian Sports Association Kalev, and the tennis department of the Tartu… Read More »

08.04.2022 – Town Hall Pharmacy 600

The Town Hall Pharmacy (Raeapteek) in Tallinn is the oldest known pharmacy in Europe thathas continuously operated in the original building. The pharmacy was first mentioned in the records of the town council of Tallinn in 1422.The dignified Raeapteek is located by the northern side of the Town Hall Square of Tallinn.For as many as… Read More »

31.03.2022 – Bird of the Year – the Eurasian woodcock

The Eurasian woodcock is relatively large wader bird living in our forests. The bird has largely black and brown feathers and relatively short legs in terms of waders. The Eurasian woodcock has excellent camouflage and a secretive lifestyle, making any rare meeting with it in our forests during the daytime a random occurrence. Only in… Read More »