Monthly Archives: September 2021

20.09.2021 – 100th Anniversary of Estonian Civil Aviation

Aeronaut, the first Estonian airline, was founded on 22 March 1921. The first plane of the company was a rented Sablatnig P.III, which operated postal flights to Finland. In August of the following year, the first of six Sablatnig P.III aircraft built under licence by Dvigatel was completed; the rest were completed next month. In… Read More »

17.09.2021 – St. Michael’s Church in Keila

St. Michael’s Church in Keila is the largest parish church in Harju County. The first stone church was built here, at the crossroads of ancient trade routes, already at the end of the thirteenth century. In the second half of the fifteenth century, the nave that we can see today was completed. The outstanding church… Read More »

10.09.2021 – Estonian fauna – the short-tailed weasel

This stamp depicts the small carnivorous short-tailed weasel (Mustela erminea), known for its hidden lifestyle. It belongs to the Mustelidae family and the Mustela genus. Its long slender body and short legs allow it to access the burrows of rodents. As an apex predator, rodents make up its main food. Therefore, it used to be… Read More »