26.05.2020 – Estonian Flag 1.90 €

The combination of the blue, black and white colours of the Estonian national flag is one of the most important and most beloved national symbols. Of the colours, blue represents the nation’s bright future and indicates the Nordic sky, with black recalling the past of the nation as well as the black earth, while white… Read More »

26.05.2020 – Post Horn 0.05, 0.25, 0.90 €

A series of definitive stamps in the uniform Post Horn design began on 10 January 2008. On 10 February 2016 began the new Post Horn series. The stamps brought out now are an addition to the same post horn series. Estonian Post 743-26.05.20, 744-26.05.20 and 745-26.05.20 About this stamps in philately foorum.

14.05.2020 – EUROPA. Ancient postal routes

EUROPA – Ancient postal route stamps depict two historic stops on the old Tartu–Võru road. One stamp has a modern photo of the Varbuse postal station built on the side of this road in 1863, where the Estonian Road Museum has been located since 2001. The other stamp depicts the Tille tavern from the early… Read More »

30.04.2020 – Bird of the year – the great crested grebe

The graceful and beautiful great crested grebe is a water bird that arrives in Estonia from Southern and Western Europe immediately after the ice melts in April. The 2000-3000 great crested grebe couples of Estonia inhabit larger lakes with diverse flora and bays filled with reed on the coastline. They anchor their floating nests made… Read More »

23.04.2020 – Guiding in Estonia 100

The first information on guiding in Estonia dates all the way back to 1919. The first guide group was established in 1920 in Tallinn, and the Tartu and Valga groups started in the spring of 1921.Over the one hundred years the principles of guiding have remained the same. Guiding is an international, voluntary, open, apolitical… Read More »

07.04.2020 – The Estonian Students’ Society 150

The Estonian Students’ Society, the oldest Estonian student organisation, was founded in 1870 at Tartu University and has continuously been active ever since. In 1940, EÜS was shut down in Estonia by the occupying Soviet authorities. In 1944, however, EÜS chapters were opened in both Finland and Sweden, and later in many Western countries. EÜS… Read More »

06.04.2020 – 100th anniversary of the Internal Security Service

The Estonian Internal Security Service (ISS, Kaitsepolitseiamet) is marking its centenary this year. The activity of the agency was codified on 12 April 1920 by a legal act signed by Prime Minister Jaan Tõnisson and Minister of the Interior Aleksander Hellat. Originally planned to operate in the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Courts, it was… Read More »

20.03.2020 – Georg Ots 100

Georg Ots (1920-1975) was one of the most prominent Estonian opera singers of all time, whose work has delighted many generations. By nature, Ots had been given a voice with a particularly beautiful timbre, musicality and natural charm. For three decades, Ots sang himself into the hearts of the audience through a variety of roles.… Read More »

03.03.2020 – National Archives 100

3 March 2020 will mark 100 years from the day seven men began to establish the national archives – the unified system for preserving our national written heritage. After a consultation on 3 March 1920, the Commission of Archives established the National Central Archives in Tartu to store historically important documents, and the National Archives… Read More »