Monthly Archives: August 2021

30.08.2021 – Estonian Football Association 100

The Estonian Football Association was founded on 14 December 1921.The Estonian Football Association was founded by nine representatives (Bernhard Abrams, Karl Akel, William Fiskar, Julius Reinans, Oskar Raudsep, Otto Silber, Heinrich Roost, Verner Eklöf, and Vladimir Tell) of three clubs (Estonian Sports Association Tallinna Kalev, Tallinn Football Club, and Gymnastics Society Tallinn Sport). The first… Read More »

12.08.2021 – Great Estonian Things – the village swing

The postage stamp created within the framework of the stamp competition Great Estonian Things organised by Omniva depicts a village swing. During the competition, hundreds of Estonians provided their input on great Estonian things that deserve a spot on a stamp. The motif of the village swing was selected from the submitted proposals by holding… Read More »