Monthly Archives: October 2021

19.10.2021 – Estonian national animal – the wolf

In 2018, the resilient and clever wolf was declared the national animal of Estonia. They feel right at home in our forests and on our bog islands. As a brave animal that protects its family and territory and values privacy, the wolf is the perfect national animal to symbolise Estonia and Estonians. Wolves are also… Read More »

19.10.2021 – Estonian Federation of the Blind 100

The Estonian Federation of the Blind is an umbrella organisation of associations of visually impaired people and associations and foundations dealing with these people, which represents visually impaired people at the national and international level. The main task of the federation is to be an advocacy organisation that ensures that visually impaired people have the… Read More »

15.10.2021 – Christmas 2021

Winter is the time for nature to sleep, but when we listen closely and pay attention, we can see that some animals do not hibernate in winter and not all birds fly south. This year, our Christmas stamps are inspired by nature during winter and the animals and birds who are not bothered by the… Read More »