Monthly Archives: September 2022

16.09.2022 – A stamp for charity – the Estonian Cancer Society

This is a stamp issued for charity. By purchasing this stamp, you donate 1 euro to the Estonian Cancer Society (MTÜ Eesti Vähiliit) and support cancer prevention efforts.The Estonian Cancer Society was created in 1992 by the Estonian Association of Oncologists.In its work, the Estonian Cancer Society focuses mainly on the prevention of cancer and… Read More »

12.09.2022 – The Riigikogu building 100

The Riigikogu building was completed by 12 September 1922, designed according to the projects of architects Eugen Habermann and Herbert Johanson. A modern avant-garde style – expressionism – was chosen to emphasise the building’s uniqueness. To this day, the Riigikogu building is the only expressionist-style parliamentary building in the world.The most prominent room in the… Read More »

09.09.2022 – Estonian fauna. The Siberian flying squirrel

This stamp from the stamp series ‘Estonian fauna’ depicts the Siberian flying squirrel (Pteromys volans L.), a rare species, the European habitats of which are limited to Finland, Estonia, Belarus, and Russia. The flying squirrel has a flap of skin on both sides of its body, with which it can glide up to several dozen… Read More »