Monthly Archives: February 2016

17.02.2016 – Bird of the year — Great tit

The great tit is known to everyone by its black longitudinal strip as well as the black head and a big white cheek blot. In Estonia it is a usual brooding bird who lives in various woodlands forests, parks, gardens. It builds its nest usually in tree hollows or nest boxes. If in summer the… Read More »

10.02.2016 – Definitive Stamp. Keila

Keila is a small town in North Estonia of 10 000 inhabitants lying 25 kilometres west of the capital Tallinn; on the bank of the Keila River. The territory of the town is half of which densely inhabited. The other half is covered with forests, natural hayfields and bogs. Motorways and a railway pass through… Read More »

08.02.2016 – Chinese New Year – Year of the monkey

Starting from 2011 a series of postage stamps dedicated to the Chinese New Year has been issued in Estonia. The sixth stamp in the series is dedicated to the year of the monkey that will begin in the night of February 8. In Chinese astrology there are twelve animal signs and monkey is the ninth… Read More »