Monthly Archives: March 2022

31.03.2022 – Bird of the Year – the Eurasian woodcock

The Eurasian woodcock is relatively large wader bird living in our forests. The bird has largely black and brown feathers and relatively short legs in terms of waders. The Eurasian woodcock has excellent camouflage and a secretive lifestyle, making any rare meeting with it in our forests during the daytime a random occurrence. Only in… Read More »

24.03.2022 – Glory to Ukraine

The war in Ukraine began on 24 February 2022 with the Russian military invasion of Ukraine and their attack against the country’s independence. This is a continuation of the Russian–Ukrainian war that began in 2014. ‘Glory to Ukraine!’ (Slava Ukraini) is the national greeting of Ukraine, known as a symbol of Ukrainian sovereignty and resistance.… Read More »

09.03.2022 – Society of Estonian Literati 150

The Society of Estonian Literati is a literary and cultural society which was founded in Viljandi and operated in Tartu in 1872–1893. The idea to create the society came up at a schoolmasters’ conference in Viljandi in June 1868. Carl Robert Jakobson, who believed that Estonia needed a literary undertaking, may be considered to be… Read More »