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19.11.2019 – Estonia’s National University 100

This year, the University of Tartu will mark 100 years since it was re-opened as a university teaching in Estonian. On 1 December 1919, the opening ceremony of the University of Tartu in the newly independent Republic of Estonia was held and the university dedicated first and foremost to Estonian students and serving Estonian society… Read More »

17.11.2019 – From the treasury of the Estonian Art Museum

In the early years of the Art Museum of Estonia, the northern Estonian art protection committee – tasked with gathering up art treasures from abandoned manors in wartime – handed over artworks to the museum. The Procession of the Bride is from Nõva Manor in Lääne County. The painting also has a “twin” at the… Read More »

Estonian stamp was awarded at NexoFil

There was a competition in Spain called NexoFil among stamps issued in the world in 2018. International jury chose best stamps in 10 categories. The second best in the category of the Most Innovative Stamp was Estonian flag, which had its second print issued in 2018. Read more about the competition and award ceremony: NEXOFIL… Read More »

17.10.2019 – Bird of the year. The European nightjar

The European nightjar is the size of a blackbird, with brown, grey and black patterned plumage and long wings and long tail. It is infrequently sighted in nature. It nests in sparser heath and bog pine forests, other dry mixed forests where pine makes up the predominant species, and sometimes in clearcuts and young stands… Read More »

17.10.2019 – Felt Christmas stamp 2019

The base material of the felt postage stamp is inspired by different folk patterns visible in traditional Estonian textile garments (mittens, belts, etc.). On the stamp, different motifs and patterns meet and mix, creating a background resembling snowflakes and providing a fun, wintery mood. The lower text line is designed similarly to traditional patterned mittens.… Read More »

11.09.2019 – Estonian fauna. Mole

The mole or European mole (Talpa europaea) is a mammal of the genus Talpa in the family Talpidae. The body of a mole is 11-16 cm long on average and its tail is 2-4 cm long. They have a very short neck, long snout, small eyes concealed in coat, spade-like forelimbs adapted for digging and… Read More »

06.09.2019 – Estonian firefighting 100

September marks the centenary of the central association of Estonian firefighting organizations. The Estonian Firefighting Association was founded on 6-7 September 1919 at a firefighters’ congress held in Tallinn. The association united voluntary fire departments, published a trade magazine and recognized the best with service badges. The firefighting organizations’ members were people from different walks… Read More »

29.08.2019 – Estonian Mushrooms. The Funeral Bell

The Funeral Bell (Galerina marginata) is a highly poisonous mushroom whose consumption leads to amanitin poisoning. You should avoid picking it at all costs. It remains poisonous even when blanched. The sticky cap of the Funeral Bell can be up to 3 cm in diameter and is two-toned: the watery, striped edges are a dark… Read More »