Monthly Archives: September 2020

11.09.2020 – Estonian fauna. The Black rat

The Estonian Fauna stamp series stamp depicts the black rat (Rattus rattus). The other rat species found in Estonia, the brown rat (R. norvegicus), arrived here later and has nearly driven the black rat out of Estonia. Currently, the black rat can be found near Lake Peipus and in south-eastern Estonia, mostly in rural areas,… Read More »

10.09.2020 – Estonian Railways 150

On November 5, 1870, the broad gauge Baltic Railway, built at the initiative of Alexander Baron von der Pahlen, was opened for traffic and celebrations were held at the Narva Station. That has been considered to be the birth date of Estonian railways. The first private railway lines owned by the Baltic Railway Company developed… Read More »

04.09.2020 – WRC Rally Estonia 2020

WRC Rally Estonia is the FIA WRC World Rally Championship event held on 4-6 September in Estonia, on the roads of Tartu, Otepää, Elva, Kanepi and Kambja.Estonia will be the 33rd country to host the WRC rally championship.The WRC rally championship will continue in Estonia after the six-month break caused by the corona pandemic. The… Read More »