17.06.2022 – 100 years of diplomatic relations Estonia-United States

By | 13/06/2022

The Republic of Estonia and the United States are celebrating a centenary of diplomatic relations in 2022. On 28 July 1922, the United States officially recognised the sovereign Republic of Estonia de jure.

To celebrate this landmark event, Eesti Post has issued a postage stamp depicting the symbols treasured by the nations of both Estonia and the USA – their respective national flags. 2022 also marks the centenary of the adoption of the Estonian blue, black and white flag as the national flag of Estonia.     

The United States never recognised the forcible annexation of Estonia by the Soviet Union. Whilst Estonia endured occupation, the flag of the sovereign Republic of Estonia was displayed in the US State Department alongside the flags of other sovereign nations. In 1991, during his visit to Tallinn, US Secretary of State James A. Baker III handed this symbol of a free Estonia over to Estonia as a present.    

Today, Estonia and the United States are united in standing up for democratic values and the rules-based world order, and enjoy an excellent relationship as close Allies in NATO. The centenary of friendship between Estonia and the US is only the beginning.

Estonian Post 803-17.06.22

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