01.03.2021 – Statistics Estonia 100

By | 23/02/2021

AAAA1 March 2020 is the 100th anniversary of the day when intended and purposeful data collection in Estonia began with the aim of compiling national statistics. The young state that had become independent in 1918 was faced with the task of assessing all of its resources, including the population, and building a statistics system that would allow constant observation of both the economy and social life.
The National Statistics Agency was established in Estonia on 1 March 1921. The director of the statistics agency for the duration of the republic (1918-1940) was Albert Pullerits, who formed the identity of the national statistics characterised by statistical principles of correctness, internationality, relevance and accuracy that are still important today.
In today’s information society, data science and the importance of reliable and updated statistics in making everyday decisions is irreplaceable. Better capability in obtaining and processing information improves the competitive edge, ensuring success in the economy and increasing people’s wellbeing and efficient governing. The aim of Statistics Estonia is to contribute to this with collected and analysed data.

Estonian Post 764-01.03.21

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