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13.04.2021 – Järvselja 100

Järvselja is the heart of Estonian forestry education and research as well as the place where Estonia’s first and oldest forest protection area was formed nearly a century ago. The area is called the Järvselja Primeval Forest or Nature Reserve, currently also known as a virgin forest. Additionally, several heritage culture and forest protection objects… Read More »

01.03.2021 – Cornflower

Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus) is an annual or biennial monoicous herbaceous plant. Mainly grows as noxious weed especially on winter crops fields, but also on road sides, ditches and barren vegetation areas. Prefers sandy soils but grows elsewhere as well. Light-loving cornflower can endure shade. Flowers are primarily blue, but can also be violet blue, in… Read More »

01.03.2021 – Statistics Estonia 100

AAAA1 March 2020 is the 100th anniversary of the day when intended and purposeful data collection in Estonia began with the aim of compiling national statistics. The young state that had become independent in 1918 was faced with the task of assessing all of its resources, including the population, and building a statistics system that… Read More »

27.02.2021 – 100th Anniversary of the Estonian Medical Association

Estonian Medical Association (EMA) is the largest medical association in Estonia that stands for the people’s health and development of the medical profession, protects doctors’ interests, promotes medical culture and ethics, and represents the views of medical professionals in healthcare policy formation.This year is the 100th anniversary of the Estonian Medical Association. On 28 February… Read More »

12.02.2021 – Chinese New Year – Year of the Ox

A stamp series dedicated to the Chinese New Year has been published since 2011. The stamp soon to be released is the eleventh stamp in the series and is dedicated to the year of the Ox, which starts on 12 February. Chinese astrology includes twelve animal signs; the ox is the second one. According to… Read More »

04.02.2021 – Valentine’s Day

Red roses are depicted in the Valentine’s Day stamp design, which refers to sending letters as a traditional way to remember our loved ones. Roses were considered a symbol of beauty and love in Ancient Greece. Therefore, they are one of the most popular flowers to be gifted to loved ones on Valentine’s Day. In… Read More »

21.01.2021 – Letipea lighthouse

Letipea lighthouse is located on the Letipea cape near the town of Kunda and marks the Letipea Peninsula, stretching out from the northern shore to assist navigation at sea. The first wooden lighthouse was built by the merchant Šerbin, but this operated only from 1815-1816. In 1936, a 16-metre-high reinforced concrete standard lighthouse with a… Read More »

08.12.2020 – ATM franking labels – Christmas

The franking ATM in Estonia is located in Tallinn. You can choose between four denominations – national standard letter €0.90, national maxi letter €1.75, international standard letter €1.90 and international maxi letter €4.85. This stamp will be the fifth ATM franking label. Four stamps entitled Visit Estonia have previously been issued. Estonian Post 759-08.12.20 About… Read More »

30.11.2020 – Voldemar Panso 100

Theatre director, actor and theatre teacher Voldemar Panso (30.11.1920 – 27. 12.1977) is one of the most legendary names in Estonian theatrical history. Not only was he an outstanding director, charming actor, productive writer and a theatre leader with a vision, under whose leadership the Tallinn City Theatre operated in 1965–1970 and the Drama Theatre… Read More »