05.07.2019 – 150th anniversary of the Song Festival (Souvenir Sheet and Postal stationery)

By | 29/06/2019

A singing souvenir sheet printed on a cotton material, the Estonian Song Celebration 150  issue will be one of several special postage stamp products to be issued on the occasion of the anniversary edition of the song festival. 

The cotton fabric is the same as used for Estonian folk costumes and inspired by this, the souvenir sheet is also printed on cotton material. Estonians are a singing nation and to spread our song worldwide, the stamp image can be scanned using a device and the CEE App to listen to one of Estonians’ most beloved song festival numbers, “My Fatherland Is My Love.” It can be listened to anywhere in the world during one year.

150th anniversary of the Song Festival

The Song Celebration is the new name for the Estonian national song festival, in which different types of choirs and bands perform. Held every five years at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, the Song Celebration is organized by the Estonian Song and Dance Festival Foundation. The tradition of song festivals in Estonia started in the 1860s and the event became an expression of national unity and solidarity. Over a century and a half, the festivals have left a significant imprint on the development of musical culture.
The first nationwide song festival was held in Tartu in 1869, and starting from the sixth national song festival, the event has always been held in Tallinn. The first seven festivals were held when Estonia was still part of imperial Russia. Four song festivals were held during the interwar era and 10 during the Soviet occupation. The nationwide song festivals are held every five years.
In 2003 the tradition of song and dance celebrations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were included on the UNESCO list of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.

Estonian Post 717-05.07.19

About this stamp in philately foorum.

Date: 05.07.2019
Designer: Indrek Ilves
Quantity issued: 3600
Price: 3.00

Estonian Post

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