Jānis Cimze 200

By | 14/09/2014

Cimze stamp03.07.2014 Latvian Post released the stamp for Jānis Cimze 200th birth anniversary. Jānis Cimze (in German Jahnis Zimse) (3.07.1814 Rauna parish (Latvia) – 22.10.1881 Valga) was a Latvian teacher, collector of folk songs and harmonizer, organist and choir director, teacher and founder of the choral culture in Latvia and Estonia. From 1839, until his death, he led the Livonia school teachers and parish sacristan seminars (1839-1849 Valmiera and 1849-1890 Valga), teaching to future teachers among other things folk songs and choral conducting. He gave the education and upbringing to the first leading characters during Estonian national awakening time like Carl Robert Jakobson, Ado Grenzstein, Anton Jürgenstein, Joseph Kapp, Alexander Kunileid, Alexander Läte and others. Jānis Cimze is considered to be the main founder of Baltic choral tradition and one of the father of the first Estonian Song Festival held in Tartu in 1869.

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