20.05.2021 – Common poppy – a postage stamp with a seed

By | 18/05/2021

The common poppy (Papaver rhoeas) is an annual flowering plant that blooms from May to August. The plant is 16-90 cm tall, with large flowers with a diameter of 7-8 cm and has four petals. Unlike our other Papavers, it prefers habitats that are rich in lime.
The common poppy’s bright red flower stands out. However, the bees and bumblebees see it completely differently, because their eyes do not see red colour, but perceive ultraviolet light instead. Of course, when it comes to pollinating, the insect’s vision is much more important than humans’. Luckily, human eyes also see the common poppy as pretty and thus the weed has become a popular decorative plant.
In addition to Europe, the common poppy is also found in North and South America, Australia and New Zealand.

Estonian Post 770-20.05.21

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