20.02.2019 – Vello Agori (Gori) 125

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Vello Agori, who worked under the pseudonym Gori, (20.02.1894 Pärnu – 07.10.1944 Tallinn) was one of the most popular caricaturists of his era. His education started in Pärnu upper secondary school and continued in Pärnu town school. During his school years, he already commenced studies with the artist Rudolf Lepik. In 1913, he moved to Tallinn and worked for several publications: Leek, Sipelgas, Meie Mats, and Odamees. He worked for the newspaper Waba Maa from 1920 to 1938. The satirical caricatures characteristic of the artist were fully developed during World War I and penetrated all aspects of society. His caricatures repeatedly presented a deep contempt towards the uneducated, dense, and greedy nouveau riche. In 1928, Gori published the caricature collection Knock Out, which was promptly sold out. The Era of Silence, which started in 1934, effectively terminated the free activities of Gori. In 1941, occupant Soviet authorities arrested Gori and forced him to draw caricatures that were against Estonian independence and mocked politicians. At the beginning of the German occupation in 1941-1942, Gori had to suffer imprisonment twice, and he was forced to draw caricatures against the Soviet Union and Joseph Stalin.
It is estimated that Gori created a total of 40,000 drawings during his lifetime.

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