17.09.2021 – St. Michael’s Church in Keila

By | 15/09/2021

St. Michael’s Church in Keila is the largest parish church in Harju County. The first stone church was built here, at the crossroads of ancient trade routes, already at the end of the thirteenth century. In the second half of the fifteenth century, the nave that we can see today was completed. The outstanding church tower (nineteenth century) is decorated with statues symbolising the four Evangelists. The angels on the portal welcome churchgoers and ward off evil. The roof of the nave is currently undergoing renovations, for which more than 30,000 euros have been raised. The congregation is very grateful that the whole world can now see the Keila church on postage stamps!
The postage stamp and envelope depicting the St. Michael’s Church in Keila was created in cooperation with Omniva and the church support fund Kirikufond.
Kirikufond helps the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in restoring and maintaining art, cultural, and architectural assets and in the provision of spiritual support in churches all over Estonia. Please support the restoration of churches to help maintain our cultural and spiritual heritage. See also: kirikufond.ee

Estonian Post 778-17.09.21

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