04.02.2021 – Valentine’s Day

By | 29/01/2021

Red roses are depicted in the Valentine’s Day stamp design, which refers to sending letters as a traditional way to remember our loved ones. Roses were considered a symbol of beauty and love in Ancient Greece. Therefore, they are one of the most popular flowers to be gifted to loved ones on Valentine’s Day. In addition to the flowers, the writing on the stamp says “Parimad soovid!” /Best wishes/.

Thanks to its design, the stamp can also be used for other celebrations, when you decide to surprise your friends or family with a letter or a postcard. There are several such days a year in addition to Valentine’s Day (14 February): Mothers’ Day (9 May), Grandparents’ Day (12 September) and Fathers’ Day (14 November), but the stamp is also ideal for any other greeting card.

Estonian Post 761-04.02.21

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