Vambola Hurt:


The society was started by 15 Estonian philatelists in Stockholm on November 28, 1954. Villem Eichenthal was elected chairman of the society. The activities mostly consisted of club-meetings which took place in the philatelic shop of one of the members until the Estonian House in Stockholm was opened. The Estonian House still is the home of the society.
Eichenthal resigned as the chairman in 1958. Following persons have been active as chairmen: Viktor Nõokas (1958), Ernst Peterson (1959-1964), Hans Kröndström (1964–1987), Vambola Hurt (1987–2002). The present chairman is Anders Håkanssson.
1968. Madis Üürike and Willem Eichenthal.

During the years, EFÜR has arranged a number of philatelic exhibitions, also with international participation. The first one took place in 1964.
In 1955 the philatelic journal Eesti Filatelist (EF) was started by August E. Pensa in USA. In 1965 Pensa had to resign for reasons of health. By an agreement between New York Estonian Philatelic Society (NYEPS) and EFÜR the publication of the EF was to be continued in Sweden. No 11 was published by EFÜR with Madis Üürike as editor. After his passing away Elmar Ojaste took over as editor and continued until 1996. Under his editorship the EF deserved a world-wide recognition. In 1996 EF continued in Tallinn with Pekka Erelt as editor (Nos 36-39).
In 1982 NYEPS and EFÜR decided to publish a new Estonian philatelic catalogue/handbook, which was brought out in 1986 with Ojaste and Hurt as editors. Also this publication received a very high international recognition.

At present (2004) EFÜR has 90 members from many countries. Since a couple of years EFÜR also can be found on the internet - - with Alar Pastarus as webmaster. In the year of 2002 the site received the ”Philatelic Web-site Excellence Award” (Gold).

Following honorary members of EFÜR have been appointed:
Villem Eichenthal, George B. Lindberg, Hans Kröndström, Elmar Ojaste, Valdo Nemvalz and Vambola Hurt.

1974. Standing: S. Kraul, V. Hurt, C. Kahrs, H. Alver, V. Nemvalz, G. Westenberg, E. Ojaste,
H. Orav, V. Kallas, I. Pettersson.
Sitting: H. v. Hofmann, J. Herrman, E. Kimber, K. Dauge, H. Kröndström.

1978. A. Hain, H. Kröndström, M. Herodes, M, Puide, G. Hiis and V. Nemvalz.

1983. Kai Stolzenbach, Vambola Hurt and Elmar Ojaste.

1984. Meemo Trepp, Valdo Nemvalz, Vambola Hurt, Elmar Ojaste and George B. Lindberg.

2002: Vambola Hurt, Arthur Menzen, Alar Pastarus and Peeter Jensen.