This page isn't just a list of collectors, it's also intended to be a market place - please feel free to add your want-list. Don't forget to declare which catalogue numbers (Michel, Scott, H/O etc.) you are referring to.
Please note that the collectors listed here isn't necessarily members of Efür. Anyone who is interested in Estonian philately (but only those) are welcome to enter the list. Click here to add your entry.


Mr Byron Dilworth
4 Anson Street, Launceston, Tasmania, 7250 Australia. E-mail:
I am new collector wanting covers and envelopes used in Estonia and other Baltic nations in period 1990 to 1993. In particular after postmarks and cancels with "CCCP" "CCP" and "NSV" removed. Also mixed Eesti / CCCP frankings. Every day used items, not items made for philatelic market.


Ivan Cacitti
I am collecting German occupation issues during WW II (mint, used, letters) and I would like to improve my collection getting Estonian local issues and mail of this era.

Chris Vanbeveren
Rue Saint Roch, 111, B 5670 Nismes, Belgium
I am collecting worldwide used stamps and change them 100 for 100 (mostly Belgium, Peru and Ecuador), eventually referring to catalogue numbers (I have Yvert & Tellier). I am specially interested in the Baltic states, before and after Sovjet-period.


Agnes Altmann
Caixa Postal 2541, CEP 70.842-970-Brasilia-DF, Brasil
Be glad to know native people from Estonia interested to change with me old & new stamps/ post cards from Baltic countries, about airplanes/architecture/birds, folklore/navy, etc.

Gino Arduini
Rua Joao Mariano 193-202, 11740-000 Itanhaem-SP, BRAZIL
I offer WW stamps, esp. from Brazil, Canada, USA, Australia, NZ, Turkey, China, Japan, some Latin America/Asia/Africa. Batches with 50-100-150 stamps. also swap my phonecards/postcards with stamps. Traders from WW wanted, esp. Scandinavia, including Greenland and small islands, Baltic countries and former USSR.

Osvaldo Marques
Rua Siqueira Campos 143, Bloco A, Apto. 802 CEP 22033-900, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
I have been collecting worldwide postally used/mint stamps, and I would like to start a good collection of Baltic States, CIS and ex-Sovietic countries, both used and mint. Can offer Brazil and worldwide used/mint. I can also trade souvenir sheets, plate blocks and blocks of four. Any worldwide collector is also welcomed. Send an e-mail to me and we will help each other.

Carlos Soares
I seek for a postal stationary circulated emit for Estonia in the decade of 40 in honor to Shell Petroleum. Its picture is in: I pay in dollars or by means of thematic material of Brazil. Can you help me?


Bill Apsit
Guelph, Ontario, Canada. E-mail:
Collecting revenues issued by Estonia and for Estonia by Czarist Russia, German WWI occupation, and German and Russian WWII occupations; revenue stamps and documents, revenue strips for tobacco, alcohol, tea, etc... Also similar material for Latvia, Lithuania, and Memel.

Larry Davidson
1410-100 Queen St. N. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
I have an exhibit of beaver stamps. I am interested in purchasing any errors or varieties of Estonia's beaver stamp of 2005. I would also like to contact the stamp's designer, S. Stern, to see if he has any preliminary artwork available.

Eric Hopper
Canada. Email:
Just starting to collect Estonian stamps. I have a strong preference for fine-very fine used examples. I don't have a lot of Baltic material to offer, but can offer used stamps from Canada, Finland, or Ireland in exchange.

Y. W. Leung
Vancouver, Canada. E-mail:
Want MNH Christmas Stamps of Estonia 1993 (Scott #261-2) 1995 (#297-8) 1997 (#332) 1998 (#353-4) also issue of 2002. Latvia 1994 (Scott #385-8) 1996 (#433-5) 1997 (#458-60) 1998 (#479-81) 1999 (# 499-501) 2000 (#519-21) + 2001 & 2002 issues. For exchange, I offer MNH topics, Bird, Flower, Ship, Fauna etc. We may base on Scott CV. Please write to me for detail.

Sev Rybakoff
P.O. Box 2224, Sardis Stn. Main, Chilliwack, BC, Canada V2R 1A6. E-mail:
I am looking for mint pre 1960 stamps from N. Korea. I offer postally used pre/post independence covers from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania or stamps world wide.

Mr. Vs. Rybakoff
304-549 Leila Ave. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2V 3M8. E-mail:
I am looking for used covers 1991-1993 of Estonia and Latvia with any combination of stamps and postmarks (local,towns,registered mail, express,Tartu Red postmarks etc.). I will be able to send back any mint Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, AAT, some TAAF, Ross Dep., new mint French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna, St.Pierre et Miquillon, France. I also need all mint stamps for this period.

Doreen Schank
I like to exchange written and stamped postcards. I will use nice stamps. I also have postcards that have the stamp to match already on (postage paid postcards). I like postcards from all over, but I would love to get some from Sweden as my father was born in Sweden and came to Canada in early 1900's.


David Hong
No.1-5-501, No.15 Wan Shou Road (Bei Yuan), Beijing  100036, China.
I am a serious collector from Beijing, China, and have kept on collecting for some 20 years. My offers are Chinese postal used large commems and world wide commems, and mint sets and MS of China and Arab countries,and in return I like to receive mint blocks or mint MS or postal used (No CTO or stamps washed off FDC) commems or booklet panes from Åland, Greenland,  Faroes,  Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Baltic States, Croatia, Slovenia, Yugoslavia, Channel Islands, GB and its regionals, Monaco, Luxembourg, Aistria, Switzerland and Cyprus in return, either by numbers or by values depending on the quality and catalogue values.
I use Michel ands Facit catalogues for Nordic. I am also interested in ATM vending machine stamps in mint condition, and such posted ATM vending machines stamped covers from Europe or WW.

George T. M. Wu
P. O. Box 141, Peitou, Taipei 11299, Taiwan, Republic of China. E-mail:
I am collecting all world wide Olympic issues, also all general issues from Albania, Estonia, Latvia and Yugoslavia. Please let me know your special wants. 


Preben Madsen
Årbygade 19, 4400 Kalundborg, Denmark.
I´m a collector of Eesti, Latvija and Lietuva "new republics" (1991 up to date) and I need many from they last 4-5 years IN CANCELLED. Can some collecters in these countries help me? I can offer stamps from Denmark and Greenland in exchange. See wantlist on my homepage: Thank you!


Ülo Matjus
I am collector from Estonia. I can offer Estonian stamps, coins, phonecards, banknotes and FDC's.

Mati Palmet
Suur-Aia 22-41, Paide, Estonia. E-mail:
I can offer large amounts of late used stamps, covers and cards from Estonia.

Elmo Viigipuu
P.O. Box 4, EE 3200 Kärdla, Estonia. E-mail:
I am maintaining the Estonian Philatelic News Mailing List (in Estonian language).


Madame Denise Bloch
87 Rue des Assas, 75006 Paris, France

Pierre Debon
I have started a "Red Cross" themed collection. I am searching for stamps (singles and/or booklets), covers and illustrated postcards, and non philatelic stamps and/or vignettes, related to the Red Cross. Ready to buy, I can also exchange for stamps. Geographical area covered is THE WORLD. Here in France, the most used catalogues are Yvert & Tellier, but I'm sure we can find cross-references.

Knut Pärnpuu
La Filaine, F-18370 Chateaumeillant, France

Stephane Rebourg
Email :
I need used stamps from Estonia and other baltic states, older and recent. In exchange, i can offer most issues of France 1960-2000 in fine used condition. I prefer to make exchanges with wantlists (Michel, Yvert ) but 1:1 by packets of 100 is possible. I can send pictures of my duplicates.


Achim Daschmann
St. Johann Str. 12 A, 55432 Damscheid, Germany. E-mail:
I am looking for used Estonian and Scandinavian stamps. I can offer especially Germany of the last 40 years, Austria and Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Israel. I would prefer to exchange stamps based on Michel number wantlists.

Friedhelm Doell
Entenbachstrasse 50, 81541 Munich, Germany. E-mail:
I collect Estonia mint and used stamps, covers, postcards, FDCs and special cancels etc.
My goal is to have every federal or local issue at least once mint, cancelled and on a cover or postcard. My stamp collection of 1918-1940 is nearly complete (some 10 are missing), from this area I am searching covers and postcards. 1991-1992 cancel-paid postage from Estonia on soviet covers is also of interest (all of them). From 1992 on, only a few cancelled stamps are missing (mint stamps and FDCs come from Eesti postmark), but I am still searching for a lot of covers from this period. For all those items I am searching, I wrote want-lists in e-mail format - please give me a mail and you get those want-lists to make me an offer or to send your own want-lists (catalog Michel or Scott). I can offer double Estonian stamps and FDCs as well as an airmail/space collection, a sports collection, German Democratic Republic and - of course - cash or Paypal payments. It is also possible to look for mint or used recent German Bundesrepublik stamps instead of money.

Christian Kohl
Sägematte 3, 79183 Waldkirch, Germany. E-mail:
I am collecting Germany, Estonia, Switzerland, France and Denmark. Mint and used. I use Michel.


Ashwani Dubey
Dubey Med Hall, Betiahata Crossing, Gorakhpur(UP), India.
I want used stamps of Estonia. In exchange i can send stamps of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan.

Herbert Pitts
18 B Rifle Range Road, Kolkata 700019, India.
I can offer Bhutan and Maldives mint stamps; as well as used stamps of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Asian countries in exchange for Estonian and other Baltic countries and Scandinavian, South and Central American countries' used stamps

Subrahmanyan Venkatachalam
6, Nath Krupa, Opp. ATI, St Road, Sion, Mumbai 400 022, India.
My interests are exchanging worldwide postage stamps with collectors all over the world. I am also coin and currency collector.


Mansoor Moazzeni
No. 7, Vahdat St., Nikmaram, Saffary Alley, Bistoon Ave., Rasht 41557, Iran
I would like to swap only unused and uncancelled stamps with original gum with you, will exchange 1:1. I can not accept yellowed stamps or those stamps something written or stuck on the back of them and the stamp teeth must be totally in good condition. Otherwise I send them back.
Moreover I can exchange new, not used and not hinged banknotes with you, coins as well. I want two copies of every banknote and coin, how about you? I should be happy if we can make friends through this hobby.


John Crawford
248 South Circular Road, Dublin 8, Ireland. E-mail:
I have been collecting Estonian stamps and Postal History for about 10 years. I am especially interested in the triangular Air Mail issues of 1920 and 1923 (overprints) and the transitional period Postal History and definitves issues from 1991-93.


Daniele Arghittu
I'm interested in swapping used stamps. 100 italian ones for 100 estonian ones. Really used. I suggest also to exchange stamps using .jpg images: so we can choose each other the stamps we need. In this case, I can swap world wide stamps. Thank you very much!

Andrea Mistaro
I am an amateur stamp collector from Italy. I am interested in used stamps from Estonia, Latvija and Lithuania. Free exchange (packets of 50) for Estonia and Latvija; for Lithuania I have a wantlist (descriptive or Michel Numbers).
I can supply used stamps from Italy (mainly 1950-1980 but also some recent), Germany (mainly 1997-2006), Denmark (1990-2002) and some USA, Sweden (1990-2002), Czechoslowakia (1980-90), Slovenia, Croatia, Slowakia recent.

Stefano Polliano
Via Fabio numerio 24, 00181 Roma, Italy. E-mail:
I am collector of Lithuania Old and New, Aland and Faeroer.


Andris Bodnieks
P.K. 769, Riga, Latvia, LV-1010. E-mail:
I collect Latvian mint and used stamps issued 1918 - 1945. Prefer interesting specialties - the Latvia rarities, proofs, essays, color, printing and perforation errors etc. Revenues, covers and postcards as well. I also collect other postal issues and revenues of the Baltic States (including Memel, Ostland, Wenden, Kurland etc.). I prefer Michel, also using Scott.


Vilijus Zagrakalys
Voveriskiu 16, LT78145 Lithuania. E-mail:
I am interested in Europa cept, fauna, old Lithuania.


Ludolf Maat
I'm looking for a pen-friend who likes to receive stamps from the Netherlands (used or mint) in exchange for stamps of Eesti (used) since 1996. I do use Michel.

Cor Wursten
Looking for used stamps from the Baltics, I could offer for exchange used stamps from European countries, as well as from USA or Canada.


Rolf Nordhagen
Centre of Information Technology Service University of Oslo, USIT,
P.O.Box 1059 Blindern, 0316 Oslo, Norway. E-mail:
Collecting Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania stamps, both before 1991 and after up to new issues, prefer neatly cancelled. Happen to have extensive stock 1991 -> all 3 countries for trade, mostly the more common. Need a few hard to find stamps. Will also trade for my less common Swedish and Danish wants. Have extensive coverage of Norwegian stamps for trade, specialize in hard to identify recent definitives paper varieties. Trade by exchange of want lists by e-mail.

Thomas Wingborg
Åslandhellinga 80, 1274 Oslo, Norway. E-mail:
I collect stamps from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Central-Lithuania, Memel and local issues. I have all the modern things but still looking for the old.


Marek Klinkosz
Poland. E-mail:
I am collecting used covers and post cards. Estonian and other. I can offer mint stamps and FDC from Poland, Russia, etc. in exchange.

Janusz Placzek
64-970 Pila 4, P.O. Box 52, Poland.
I`m interested in stamps exchange with collectors from Estonia. Can offer mint issues and FDC of Poland. Seek Estonia since 1992 year in mint condition. As the base of exchange I use catalogue Michel. On all e-mails answer guaranted.


Artyomov Vladimir
ul. Omskaya 6-3, Kaliningrad, Russia 236000.
I am collecting Eesti and Lietuva stamps (after 1990). I am interested in any new information. Need information about error "First Lithuanian book" issue. Please help.


Uros Fifolt
Ob Susici 18, SI Dolenjske Toplice, Slovenia. E-mail:
I collect used stamps from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. I offer used stamps from Slovenia. Working with Michel or 1:1.


Meyer de Kock
I collect Estonian stamps and postal history for the period 1991 up to now. If you're interested in South African material (mint or used stamps as well as FDC's) please contact me. I am also willing to buy material.


Miguel Ángel Alonso
C/Miguel González Garcés, 2-1 A, 15174 Culleredo (A Coruña), Spain.
I want to exchange Spain stamps for Eesti stamps. Only used.

José Antonio
E-mail: Webbsite:
I collect mint Estonian stamps with a theme: Lighthouses, flowers, animals, ships and marine life. I can offer stamps from Spain (mint and used), France (used) and Croatia (mint).

Joan Molina
Barcelona, Spain. E-mail:
I do collect Estonian Postal history. Main interest on the 1990/1992 period, but also earlier. I'm eager to exchange information with fellow philatelists.


Anders Grönlund
I collect used Estonian stamps and I can offer Swedish stamps in exchange.

Stefan Johansson

I'm a collector from Sweden that collects Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. I can offer Sweden - both mint and used. I use Michel catalogue.

Alar Pastarus
Lövstigen 3, S-13133 Nacka, Sweden. E-mail:
I am collecting blocks of of fours or larger. Mint or used.


Gary Faleide
428 South Linden Avenue, Westmont, Illinois 60559 U.S.A. E-mail:
I collect the postage stamps of Estonia 1918-1941, both mint, never hinged and used. I have a special interest in the German Occupation Stamps, both World War I and World War II.

Steve Fernie
13 1/2 Mt Wood Rd, 2nd Floor, Wheeling, WV 26003-2630, USA. E-mail:
I am interested in the revenues of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, and also in Tsarist Russian revenues used in the Baltic states, especially on document. I am also collecting the Weaver & Smith issue as stamps, covers, and postal stationery.

Sachin Gupta
1284 CANCUN CT, CO Springs, CO, USA, 80910. E-mail:
I collect the postage stamps of Estonia 1918-2009, both mint, never hinged and used. I have a special interest in the German Occupation Stamps, both World War I and World War II.  I am ready to exchange with some old and new US stamp. Exchange will be in 1:1 ratio. Let me know, if you are intrested...

Raymond Hall III
P. O. Box 105 , Millerton, PA , USA. E-mail:
I am interested in trading mint US stamps for stamps, postal stationery of CIS, Baltic Republics. Am also interested in purchase of same and catalogs.

Joel Hawkins
15261 West Piccadilly Road, Goodyear, Arizona 85338, USA. E-mail:
I am seeking meter stamps of the world, particularily the meter stamps of the Baltics, the Soviet Union, and the New Republics. I have similar covers to trade and much information to exchange. I am interested in hearing from collectors who share this interest.

Jaan Laane
1906 Comal Circle, College Station, TX 77840, USA. E-mail:
I am interested in adding to my Estonian collection by obtaining additional rare and unusual stamps and covers.

Michael McMorrow
P.O. Box 147, North Clarendon, VT USA 05759. E-mail:
I collect covers from Estonia & Ukraine from 1990-1995, especially those using the various provisional stamps and markings. I will buy them or trade for mint US stamps - whichever you prefer.

Andy Mosko
6761 Kiami, Tuscon, AZ USA 85715. E-mail:
I have 40 year accumulation of worldwide mint/used postally. Would like to start collection of Baltic States and CIS, both postally used and MNH. Can trade USA/UN/Canada mint/used. Also worldwide used/mint. I have FDC's of USA/Canada/UN/world to trade. Also plate blocks, souvenir sheets, blocks, maximum cards, booklets, panes, coils, covers, first flight/naval covers, revenues, perfins, precancels. My interest also is in finding a trading partner for post-1960 Cuba MNH and postally used. Any help appreciated. How can I help you?

Jim Reichman
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. E-mail:
I am looking for information on space-related, commemorative covers produced by the collector club at Tartu in the 1960's and 1970's. Need background information on the Tartu club, how it operated to create these commemorative covers, and production information like artists who designed envelope cachets and club cachets.

Greg Wilson
PO Box 50041, Palo Alto, California 94303, USA. E-mail:
I collect Estonian revenue stamps and documents. I can trade or buy. If trade, I can offer mint or used Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania stamps (and some covers-TPOs and special cancels) from 1918-1941 period. I can also offer 1991-1995 covers (local use, special cancels, FDC, Tartu Perforibbon, Haapsalu, franked, machine cancel,etc) from Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania.

Please also have a look at the list of Baltic State Collectors maintained by Steve Kowalski, USA