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Collection stamps of Estonia 1918-1940 MNH

Postitatud: 08.05.2013 22:08
Postitas RNRIGA
Excellent collection of Estonian stamps 1918-1940. The quality of stamps is perfect. All stamps are in mint MNH condition. The stamps are inside the album and in Klemmentasches.

The better material in collection according to Michel catalogue are numbers:
2A, 3b, 23/24A, 23/24B, 32/39A, 32/39B, 44A, 44B, 45B, 46/47A, 46/47B, 54, 55/56, 57/59, 73U (1500 ME), 74/86, 87/89, 90/93, 94/97, 102/105, 106/107, 109/112, 113/119, 124/126, 127/130, 131/134, Souvenir sheet 1,135/136, 142/145, Souvenir sheet 3, 146/147, 156/158 w,x

All pictures of the stamps are here http://postimg.org/gallery/27uamdlw/
The full list of stamps is here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc ... sp=sharing
Total cost of collection according to Michel catalogue is 2925 EUR.

My price is 35% of catalogue value or 2073 EUR

If you live in Scandinavian or Baltic countries and want to buy this collection, delivery in person is available and you can pay after delivery. If you live in other country we must to discuss shipping and payment method.
I live in Riga and I am waiting the messages from you in English, Latvian or Russian languages.

Re: Collection stamps of Estonia 1918-1940 MNH

Postitatud: 30.05.2013 17:46
Postitas RNRIGA
The collection was sold abroad
I am very dissapointed that there was no some philatelist from Estonia who would be ready to buy this very good collection.