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Pakri tuletorn -- 091-05-1995

Postitatud: 01.10.2010 17:53
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Nominaal: 1.70
Ilmumiskuupäev: 05.07.1995
Trükk: ofset
Kujundaja: Roman Matkiewicz
Perforatsioon: 14 : 13 3/4
Poogen: 5 x 10
Trükiarv: 961 200 - 78 000 = 883 200
Trükikoda: AS Vaba Maa

78 000 marki kanti 07.05.2010 maha.

Pakri tuletorn/ 091-05-1995
Pakri lighthouse/ 091-05-1995

Pakri tuletorn asub 1 meremiili kaugusel Paldiski linnast.

The Lighthouse of Pakri (59°23’ N; 24°02’ E) shown in the stamp is situated in the Gulf of Finland, in the very end of Pakri Peninsula, 1 mile from Paldiski. The Lighthouse of Pakri is the highest (52,3m) stone lighthouse in Estonia; it was built in 1889. The history of the Lighthouse of Pakri begins in the year 1718 when the Russian Czar Peter the Great told to erect a lighted seamark for guiding ships to the Port of Paldiski. In 1724, this seamark was put into operation. In the beginning, bonfire was used. During one year it consumed nearly 68 cordes of firewood. In 1803, a lantern with several oil lamps burning in it was taken into use. In order to increase its brightness and render it more easily discernible, 16 magnifying lenses manufactured in St. Petersburg were installed. In this from, the lighthouse worked till 1889.

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