Post Office of Laimjala, Saaremaa (period about 1930).


January 1, 1989
Presidium of the SS of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic declared that the name of the Capital City should be spelled in Russian language in the same way as in Estonian (Tallinn).

March 2, 1990
First postal flight Tallinn - Stockholm. Soviet Unions special postmark with Soviet pentagon and Estonian three leopards on the shield. Text of the postmark in Latin lettering.

May 11, 1990
Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic's Ministry of Communications declares an open competition for designs for the Estonian own postage stamps. Date for entries June 5, 1990.

January 1, 1991
Estonian Commission for Prices enacts "The Postal Services Rates" which becomes basis for de facto of Estonian departure from Soviet Union's postal system.

April 1, 1991
At the Head Post Office of Tallinn the up-grading of Soviet Union's postal stationery was started (franked postal envelopes and postcards) with framed purple rubber stamps. Text: EESTI/10 (or 60) kop./POST.

May 1, 1991
Postal Communications Administration in Estonia was re-organized and continued as State enterprise under the name "Eesti Post".

July 4, 1991
First special cancellation "Estica 91 Avamine" (Opening of Estica 91) without Soviet Union's pentagon and Russian text.

August 20, 1991
The Estonian Republic is declared as a Sovereign State. Estonian postal service becomes de jure independent.

October 1, 1991
Eesti Post issues postage stamps in Estonian Republic. These stamps were ordered in May 1991 and printed in Leipzig and in Stockholm. New date-stamps (cancellers) with text EESTI went in to use.

October 14, 1991
Circular from the Transport and Communications Ministry of the Estonian Republic, which informs that according to the resolution of the Republics Ministerial Council from October 3, 1991 should from all official forms, stamps, seals etc. be removed the title "EESTI/NSV" (Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic). Obviously the same resolution was basis for the removal from use of Soviet Union's postal date-stamps (cancellers).

January 1, 1992
All Soviet Union's postal pre-payment means (postage stamps, franked stationery etc.) were no more valid in Estonia.

March 30, 1992
Estonian full membership of Universal Postal Union (UPU) was restored.

June 20, 1992
Monetary reform in Estonia. EEK - 1 Kroon=100 sents - equals to 0,125 DEM.

December 15, 1992
Eesti Post issues special Christmas stamps. These were the first postage stamps printed in Estonia after a lapse of almost 50 years.

Source: The Estonian Philatelist #35, 1993


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