19.02.2015 – Chinese New Year – Year of the sheep

By | 12/02/2015

591_HiinaUusAasta_uudisAccording to the Chinese Zodiac Calendar the Wood Sheep (or Goat) Year will start on 19 February 2015, and will last until the 7th February 2016. Sheep are a symbol close to the earth and is connected with the growth of plants and fertility and their energy symbolizes peace, coexistence and silence. It is the first and the main mood that year. In the Oriental calendar 2015 is a decisive year. One epoch is ending and another is beginning, promising once again major hopes for the future. Although we have always been hopeful and will remain so, it is once again possible for the humanity to make the world a better place! New inventions can change our lives more than the Internet or a mobile phone, progress in the wireless technology has an unexpected influence. In 2015 mankind can make some significant achievements in the space sphere, in the exploration of the open space and science. The data received can thoroughly change our interpretation of the functioning of the universe, how life developed on Earth and whether there is life on other planets. In 2015 we expect general increased attention on environmental issues, environmental protection, healthy feeding habits and healthy ways of life. Positive events will start shading negatives ones and the faith into the future will be restored.

Estonian Post 591-19.02.15

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