10.09.2021 – Estonian fauna – the short-tailed weasel

By | 10/09/2021

This stamp depicts the small carnivorous short-tailed weasel (Mustela erminea), known for its hidden lifestyle. It belongs to the Mustelidae family and the Mustela genus. Its long slender body and short legs allow it to access the burrows of rodents. As an apex predator, rodents make up its main food. Therefore, it used to be a welcome visitor on farms.
In summer, its back is cocoa brown and its stomach is white. The end of its brushy tail is black, unlike that of the smaller weasels. The tail of the common weasel is short, rarely with individual black hairs on its tip. The winter coat of the short-tailed weasel is pure white, save for the black tail tip.
It weighs 150–250 grams and the males are larger than the females. The kits (usually 3–7) are born in April-May.
The short-tailed weasel is common in northern Eurasia and North America. It is currently not considered an endangered species.

Estonian Post 776-10.09.21

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