Stamp collections of Norway and Sweden

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Stamp collections of Norway and Sweden

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Good evening ! I live in Latvia and I want to offer you the collections of Sweden stamps 1855-1993 and Norway stamps 1855-1995. The stamps till 1900 are in used condition, the stamps from 1900 are in MNH condition, These collections are from my father, who died 12 years ago and was a famous philatelist with more than 50 years of experience. The quality of stamps is perfect. All stamps of the 19th century are in used condition and the price of it is 10% of the Michel catalogue. The stamps from the 20th century are in MNH condition and the price is 30% of the catalogue price till 1945, 25% of the catalogue price for stamps 1946-1960, and 20% of the catalogue price for stamps from 1961. The price of MNH Porto and Dienst stamps is 15% of the catalog price. Almost all stamps are without duplicates. All stamps being held inside the albums, which were produced in West Germany and in Klemmetasches. You can buy one of collections or both collections.

The most interesting stamps in Sweden collection are (numbers by Michel catalogue): 8b, 12a, 12b, 18A, 26A (all used), 62, 97-105, 138/140y, 142, 157, 189 I, 192 I, 221/226 A,B, 245-249, 290 B,D (all MNH), and many Dienst and Porto stamps (used).
The most interesting stamps in Norway collection are: 1, 2, 10, 13a, 38 (all used), 96-103, 105-108, 109/112, 116/119, 120-132, 136 I-II, 159-161, 176-194, 237-256 Y (all MNH) and Porto stamps 7-12 (MNH)

The full lists of stamps according to Michel catalogue are here ... 0#my-drive
This list consists of:

Cells B,C the numbers and value by Michel catalogue, if my stamps are in MNH conditon.
Cells D,E the numbers and value by Michel catalogue, if my stamps are in used conditon.
All pictures of the Sweden stamps are here but the pictures of Norway stamps are here Total value of Sweden collection in Michel catalogue is 7725 EUR, but the value of Norway collection in Michel catalogue is 6700 EUR. I will ship this item by insured parcel post.
The price of Sweden collection is 1647 EUR without shipping, the price of Norway collection is 1442 EUR without shipping.
I don't want reduce the prices. But if ypu have many positive feednacks through Estonian philatelists, you can pay in 4 months after receiving my parcel with the collections. The payment may be by money transfer to my bank account in Swedbank or SEB bank. If you live in Tallinn, the collections can be delivered by me in person and you can pay me right there.
If you are interested to buy stamps, please write me and I answer to all your questions.
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