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Via Baltica -- 088-03-1995

Postitatud: 01.10.2010 17:48
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Nominaal: 1.70
Ilmumiskuupäev: 20.04.1995
Trükk: ofset
Kujundaja: Marko Kekisev
Perforatsioon: 14 : 13 3/4
Poogen: 5 x 10
Trükiarv: 1 140 250 - 88 000 = 1 052 250
Trükikoda: AS Vaba Maa

88 000 marki kanti 07.05.2010 maha.

Balti riikide ühisväljaanne on pühendatud Põhja-Euroopat Kesk-Euroopaga ühendava automagistraali projektile VIA BALTICA.

Via Baltica/ 088-03-1995
Via Baltica/ 088-03-1995

Via Baltica is a joint issue of the Baltic states to highlight the Via Baltic motorway project. Via Baltica, a motor route from the North of Europe to Central Europe via the Baltic countries, is also intended to promote the development of tourism in the area. Each country designed its own stamp, and the tree stamps together were printed on a souvenir sheet issued in each of the three countries. The Estonian Via Baltica stamp pictures the Beach Hotel in Pärnu, a resort town which in the 1930s grew into a major watering place on the eastern shore of the Baltic, thanks to its beatiful sandy beach and good services. Part of the infrastructure was the functionalist Beach Hotel built to the design of Olev Siinmaa and Anton Soans, prominent architects of the period. The Beach Hotel was thoroughly refurbished in 1994 and is now open as one of the most fashionable hotels in town. The Pärnu Beach Hotel was pictured also on a stamp issued in 1939 to commemorate the centenary of the establishment of the Pärnu resort. Its selection as the site to be depicted on the Via Baltica stamp is meant to emphasize the continuity of Pärnu as a tourist goal.

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FDC - Price: 5.30


Nominaal: 9.60
Ilmumiskuupäev: 20.04.1995
Trükk: ofset
Kujundaja: Marko Kekisev, Alex Naumov, I. Načiulyt?
Perforatsioon: 14 :14 1/4
Poogen: 100 x 110 mm
Trükiarv: 96 000
Trükikoda: The House of Questa, London

Via Baltica/ 088*
Via Baltica/ 088*

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FDC - Price: 16.30

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