25.08.2016 – Estonian fauna. Northern birch mouse

The next stamp of the stamp series of Estonian fauna features the northern birch mouse (Sicista betulina Pallas, 1779). The northern birch mouse is a smaller mouse sized rodent belonging to the family of the Dipodidae. Its characteristics are a black stripe on the back and a tail much longer than its body. The northern… Read More »

17.08.2016 – Heads of state of the Republic of Estonia. Tõnis Kint 120

* 17.08.1896 in Taevere rural municipality, Viljandi County † 05.01.1991 Örnsköldsvik, Sweden Prime Minister in duties of the President 23.12.1970-01.03.1990 1938-1940 member of the Riigivolikogu (second chamber of the Riigikogu 1938-1940). 1953-1963 Minister of Agriculture, 1963-1970 Deputy Prime Minister of the Estonian Exile Government. Graduated from the High School of Sciences in Tartu, in 1916… Read More »

05.08.2016 – Veterans’ World Championships in orienteering

Orienteering is a sport in which a competitor passes control points in the landscape, using an orienteering map and compass. The sport started developing at the beginning of the 20th century. Soon other countries joined in and in 1961 the International Orientation Federation (IOF) was set up. By today it has 80 member countries. In… Read More »

15.09.2016 – Centenary of oil shale mining in Estonia

Industrial mining of oil shale began on 15 June 1916 on the Estonian territory. Two years later the Republic of Estonia took its mining under its administration. As a result oil shale mining has been of state importance for already a whole century. The long history points out that oil shale industry has been in… Read More »

09.06.2016 – Summer Olympic Games. Rio 2016

The XXXI summer Olympic Games will take place from August 5 to August 21 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This will be the first time for a city of the South American continent to receive the summer Olympic Games. There will be 10,500 sportsmen from 206 countries taking part in the games and 306 sets… Read More »

World Stamp Show NY2016

World Stamp Show NY2016 28.05-04.06.2016 Javits Center, New York http://www.ny2016.org/ 3 Exhibit from Estonia: Kaido Andres The Philatelic Footprint of the University of Tartu In 1632-2012 Mati Senkel Field Post of Estonian Army 1918-1920 Hubert Jakobs, Andro Valm, Peeter Pärn, Aivar Kuuskvere, Kaido Andres Catalogue of Estonian Stamp Errors and Varieties 1991-2014 About this exhibition… Read More »

Collectors meeting in Tallinn 22.05.2016

Philatelic Society organizes collectors meeting on sunday 22.05.2016 from 9:30 to 13:00 in Audentes Sports Gymnasium (Tondi 84). The informatino about the location and driving directions is available in viki.filateelia page. All collectors are welcome!