Ainaži (Heinaste) lighthouse on Latvian stamp

Today, 12.09.2014 Latvian Post published Ainaži (in Estonian Heinaste) lighthouse motif stamp. On the map used as background image of the stamp shows the Gulf of Riga with Estonian coastline and western Estonian islands. In addition to the lighthouse the stamp also has part of seamen’s memorial also located in Ainaži (Heinaste). Comments and additional… Read More »

The first stamp of Imperial Russia, Weissenstein 1858

Here we see the first Russian postage stamp issued in 1857. It is cancelled using dateless 2-line “вейсен штейнъ” postmark from Weissenstein (Paide) in Estonia. This postmark is not listed in Hurt/Ojaste Handbook and was likely in use in 1858 until numeral cancel “384” arrived. Continue reading at…

11.09.2014 – Definitive Stamp. Saue

Saue is a peaceful and secure small town of about 6,000 inhabitants with a lot of greenery that lies just six kilometres from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Saue acquired the status of a city on August 25, 1993. The vitality of city is characterized by very good administrative capacity, a large share of children… Read More »

11.09.2014 – Estonian mushrooms – the deadly fibrecap

The deadly fibrecap (Inocybe erubescens) is very poisonous, containing muscarine. The poison does not disappear even after scalding or drying. Quite soon after eating the mushroom signs of poisoning appear: nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, abundant perspiration, flow of spit and tears, often narrowing of the pupils and vision disorders. First aid must certainly be given after… Read More »

Finnish Postal Museum opened on 06.09.2014 in Tampere

In Tampere Vapriikki museum center Finnish Postal Museum was opened on 06.09.2014. Before the Postal Museum was located in Helsinki, Main postoffice building and it was opened for visitors last time 21.06.2012. When visiting Tampere it is now worthwhile to also take time to visit Postal Museum.

Märjamaa Postal History

Märjamaa Tunatoimkonna Toimetised II; Märjamaa 650: kogumik Märjamaa piirkonna ajaloost. (Märjamaa, 2014, 432 pages, 29 cm). This is a book about the history of Märjamaa area in Estonian language. On pages 318 – 330 Sergei Seeland is giving overview: The history of mail connection in Märjamaa on 17th century to the year 1941. Regular mail… Read More »

Tuomo Henttu blog “Estonian Stamp Collection 1918-1941″

Tuomo Henttu blog: This blog is dedicated to the collection of Estonian stamps. Time period is 1918-1941 Etusivu Postcards to the Foreign Countries Estonian Airmail 1920-1923 Forgery Printed Paper to Foreign Countries Letters to the Foreign Countries

India Inspiring – Inspireeriv India!

Estonian National Museum Postal Museum shows 03.09.2014 – 02.11.2014 postage stamps inspired by Indian culture. Exotic – far, yet close country and topic was brought to us by student of University of Tartu, Indian philatelist Briti Deb. He has been interested in philately and Indian culture since his school years. Indian mythology in the Ramayana… Read More »

01.09.2014 – Centenary of the Estonian Academy of Arts

The Estonian Academy of Art is a sign, a symbol in Estonian art education, which will be one hundred years old this year. The Estonian Academy of Art, the only art history educational establishment in Estonia, feels its responsibility for the quality of studies, refresher studies and scholarly work in areas that shape the cultural… Read More »