25.08.2015 – Estonian fauna. Otter

Otter (Lutra lutra) is a slim mustelida of partly semiaquatic way of life. The body of an adult is up to 90 cm long, with a 50 cm long tail and it can weigh up to 12 kilograms. The otter has a dense, brown, waterproof and very durable fur. Due to its valuable fur the… Read More »

Philatelic Exhibition: Tallinna Filatelistide Selts 110

Tallinn Philatelic Society is celebrating its 110th anniversary with international philatelic exhibition. The exhibition is taking place on 10.-12. July 2015 in Audentes Sports Gymnasium (Tondi 84). It is the same building where Tallinn’s collectors gathering are taking place. The information about the location and transportation is available in viki.filateelia page. More information about the… Read More »

22.06.2015 – Heads of state of the Republic of Estonia. Aleksander Warma 125

Aleksander Warma (Varma) * 22.06.1890 in the Viinistu village, Kõnnu rural municipality, Harju County † 23.12.1970 in Stockholm Prime Minister in duties of the President 30.03.1963-23.12.1970 1924-1926, assistant to the jurisconsult of the Ministry of Defence, later codificator. In 1926-1927 Director of the legal bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1927-1931 later Director of… Read More »

04.06.2015 – Different kind of Estonia

The giraffe came out of the spruce forest smiling – just imagine the look on the neighbouring village children´s faces when they see him. Perhaps they´d think that there´s something wrong with the cow´s neck! But no, thought the giraffe, it was indeed the cow who had invited him. Lately, it had appeared to the… Read More »

30.05.2015 – Lotte

Gadgetville lies close by the sea. It is a village where a competition on new gadgets takes place on the most important day of the year, Inventor’s Day. During the long and cold winter the best inventors of the village invent new gadgets to demonstrate them to the folks in the village on Inventor’s Day.… Read More »

Collectors meeting in Tallinn 24.05.2015

Tallinn Philatelic Society organizes collectors meeting on sunday 24.05.2015 from 9:30 to 13:00 in Audentes Sports Gymnasium (Tondi 84). The informatino about the location and driving directions is available in viki.filateelia page. All collectors are welcome!