Local issue of November 16, 1918.
Cut-outs from Russian Wrappers of 1891 (2 kop) and of 1913 (1 kop) with a black overprint "Eesti/(Rakwere)/new value", used as stamps.

Typographed overprint by Margarethe Levmann in Rakvere. The OPT was made on un-cut wrappers which were later cut. The few uncut wrappers with OPT are to be valued much higher.
The issue was not approved in advance by the GPO but it's use was quietly tolerated. The stamps were cancelled by a Russian double circle postmark or by a straight line "Rakwere". Both cancellations can also be found together on same cover.

Forgeries: Many forgeries are known. Expertizing is mandatory.

Valid: An official invalidation was not declared. Latest known cancellations are from November 27, 1918.



10/2 Kop. (173)      
  Green 550:- 500:- 900:-
  Blue-green 600:- 550:- 900:-
E:1 Strongly shifted OPT +50:- +50:- -
2. 15/2 Kop. (402). Green to blue-green 400:- 450:- 750:-
3. 20/2 Kop. (137). Green to blue-green 600:- 650:- 1.200:-
E:1 Strongly shifted OPT +50:- +50:- -
4. 35/1 Kop. (26). Brownish orange* 3.000:- 3.300:- --
For uncut wrappers + 100%

*It has been reported that the 35/1 kop. denomination was not sold over the counter.

Please note that all prices are estimates in USD, based on the average retail market of 1985, when the original catalogue/handbook was written. The prices are considerably higher today.