By Vaido Lillemaa

The most well known is the error on the 30 senti standard stamp printed in 1999.
Due to a mistake by the designer one of the stamps have a double year of issue. As it was designed together with the 2 Krooni stamps which had a different location of the year number, one of the 30 senti stamps (position 83) have it in both places as it was missed to delete.

An other type of error is when the perforation is cutting the stamp image. Misperforation or centering problem is not very common on modern stamps but still have occured from time to time. There are several ones known from the 1992 PPR standard stamp.

More interesting and rare is the misperforated lowest row on the 1994 WWF 2 Krooni stamp. The error occured only on 10 stamps but according to some information only 5 are still existing.

Lots of errors and position differences are also available from 1993 overprinting of 15/60 senti standard stamp. One sheet of 100 has been overprinted upside down. The sheet was found in Tartu Tax Department and part of them was already used for postage before it was noticed. There have also been several stamps printed on the gummed side but it is nearly impossible to find out if those were sold over the counter or if they were just printing waste from the printing house directly.

Hopefully other collectors will add more information related to this subject.