By Alar Pastarus

In order to facilitate the separation of imperforate stamps when sold over the counter, the imperforated issues were (using primitive methods) perfed or rouletted at a few Post Offices locally. The General Postal Organization did not issue general instructions on the subject and all kinds of rouletting was accepted.

Most of the rouletted Estonian imperforate stamps are known on covers or in mint condition. The following imperforates have not been recorded: 5 p Seagull, 25 p Tallinn Skyline (yellow), 1/2 Mk Weaver, 1 Mk Weaver and 9 Mk Blacksmith. Some of the roulettes are seldom: 15 and 25 Mk Viking Ship, Red Cross, Weaver & Blacksmith and Air Mail 1920/23.

The best known roulettes are from Juuru, Narva, Paide, Paldiski and Vöhma. Others are seldom. Similarly perfed or rouletted stamps with other cancellations than listed below can be found.

   Post Office  Gauge      Post Office  Gauge
   Juuru  10 1/2      Paide  10
   Keila  10      Paldiski  10
   Keina  12      Postvagun  10
   Narva  8 and 13      Suure Jaani  11
   Nuia  Diam. perf      Tartu  11 1/4
   Nuustaku  8      Vöhma 12 1/4 and 19