Vaido Lillemaa


Fellow collector Toomas Kümmel has brought attention to a forgery - or better to say a fantasy cover offered on Similar items have been offered by well known Swedish and German auction companies and now also on eBay. I am translating directly from Estonian but as I am not sure about the correct military terms there could be some difference from proper English.

1. Estonian Peace Corps have never been in Macedonia and in 1999 there were not any NATO corps at all.

2. Estonian Peace Corps members have never been in any action anywhere as Baltbat. In Kosovo they were together with Italian carabineers. Baltbat was the unified training system - nothing else.

3. Baltbat have never issued any kind of field post (APO) stamps because there is not any field post system for Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian units. Also, those fantasy stamps have a nominal value (face value) in cents but in Kosovo and Macedonia there was in use German mark (DM).

4. Have a look at the address. The name is from some modern fairy-tale and in Tallinn on the Auru street there is no house nr 26. So, such a person doesn't exist in Estonia, neither does the address.

5. I assume that the cancel (postmark) is forged too.

The Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians had very few relations with Skopje. From time to time they were going there to get cash (money) from ATM.