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05.08.2016 – Veterans’ World Championships in orienteering

Orienteering is a sport in which a competitor passes control points in the landscape, using an orienteering map and compass. The sport started developing at the beginning of the 20th century. Soon other countries joined in and in 1961 the International Orientation Federation (IOF) was set up. By today it has 80 member countries. In… Read More »

15.09.2016 – Centenary of oil shale mining in Estonia

Industrial mining of oil shale began on 15 June 1916 on the Estonian territory. Two years later the Republic of Estonia took its mining under its administration. As a result oil shale mining has been of state importance for already a whole century. The long history points out that oil shale industry has been in… Read More »

09.06.2016 – Summer Olympic Games. Rio 2016

The XXXI summer Olympic Games will take place from August 5 to August 21 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This will be the first time for a city of the South American continent to receive the summer Olympic Games. There will be 10,500 sportsmen from 206 countries taking part in the games and 306 sets… Read More »

19.05.2016 – Post Horn 0.05, 0.20, 0.40 €

A series of definitive stamps in the uniform Post Horn design began on 10 January 2008. On 10 February 2016 began the new Post Horn series. The stamps brought out now are an addition to the same post horn series. Estonian Post 629-19.05.16, 630-19.05.16 and 631-19.05.16 About this stamps in philately foorum.

09.05.2016 – EUROPA — think green

This year the subject of the EUROPA postage stamps is “think green”. Of the two stamps one has been designed by the issuing country while the other stamp is similar for all the countries whereas the stamps form a joint whole between them. On the first stamp the artist shows that work made man from… Read More »

05.05.2016 – Painter Ants Laikmaa 150th birth anniversary

Ants Laikmaa (1866 -1942) was one of the most colourful persons of the Estonian art history, known as portrait painter, landscape painter whose favourite technique was pastel. Until the Estonianization in 1935 his name was Hans Laipman. After studies in St. Petersburg and Düsseldorf the artist opened a studio school under his own name in… Read More »

14.04.2016 – Folk costumes Audru and Tõstamaa

The postage stamps feature Pärnu County folk costumes — Audru woman and man and Tõstamaa girl and woman in the middle of the 18th century. In Audru both the women’s and men’s dark outdoor clothes were decorated with red strings. The Audru flower decorated caps had a high sharp peak and branchy lace. Also the… Read More »

01.04.2016 – City of Otepää, 900th anniversary

The Otepää municipality is in the Valga County, 1180 km2, lies on in the Otepää heights. The population of the municipality is 3962 (01.01.16s) and the general territory is 217 km2. Characteristic to Otepää is a rolling morain landscape with numerous lakes (ca 55). The biggest lake is Lake Pühajärv, the highest peaks are Kuutsemägi… Read More »

22.03.2016 – Heads of state of the Republic of Estonia. August Rei 130

* 22.03.1886 at Pilistvere, Viljandi County † 29.03.1963 in Stockholm Head of State (Elder of State) 04.12.1928-09.07.1929 Prime Minister in duties of the President 09.01.1945-29.03.1963 In 1918-1919, Minister of Labour and Social Welfare of the Provisional Government, Deputy Prime Minister and Acting Minister of Education. In 1919-1920 Chairman of the Constitutent Assambly (Asutav Kogu). In… Read More »

17.03.2016 – Centenary of the Republic of Estonia. Innovation

Modern architecture has always gone along with technological novelties of the age, using achievements both in material sciences as well as in the information technology sphere. Architecture well reflects also the attitudes of the modern society, changes in the peoples’ lifestyles and habits. The new Estonian architecture has the face of innovational thinking and the… Read More »