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28.08.2018 – Litwinsky house. Joint issue Estonia-Israel.

The Litwinsky House is an outstanding architectural monument in Tel Aviv. It was built by Yaakov Elhanan Litwinsky (1852-1916), a well-known businessman who immigrated from Odessa. Before that he had purchased one of the original sixty-six lots in Ahuzat Bayit, the nucleus of the future Tel Aviv. The house he built with his family at… Read More »

23.08.2018 – Estonian mushrooms. False morel

False morels (Gyromitra esculenta) are one of the most common Estonian springtime mushrooms and are especially widespread in sandy pine forests. The false morel has an irregular-shaped, convoluted and twisted cap which resembles the human brain. Even though poisonous when eaten fresh, it is a great edible mushroom if parboiled. Toxins are volatile in case… Read More »

22.07.2018 – Kadriorg Palace and Park 300

The Palace and Park ensemble of Kadriorg was established during the beginning of the 18th century, when the Russian Tsar Peter the Great bought the summer mansion of the Drenteln family and nearly a hundred hectares of land beneath the hillside of Lasnamäe in 1714. On 22 July 1718, Italian architect Niccola Michetti and Peter… Read More »

13.07.2018 – Centenary of Estonia Postage Stamps

The first Estonian postage stamps “Flower Design” were issued on 24.11.1918 and unlike modern postage stamps, they had to be cut apart. The first postage stamp to include the text “Eesti Vabariik” (the Republic of Estonia) was the postage stamp “Seagull” issued on 13.05.1919. The definitive stamps with three heraldic lions came into use on… Read More »

07.06.2018 – Manilaid lighthouse

The Manilaid lighthouse is situated in the Kihnu Strait on the south-western coast of the Manilaid island on Cape Papina and helps to make local shipping safer in the low waters of the strait. The reinforced concrete lighthouse, which was built in 1933, is 8 metres high and it was designed by the well-known architect… Read More »

30.05.2018 – Definitive Stamp. Tallinn

The ancient history of Tallinn dates back to the first century, when a fortress was built in Iru, which also included a settlement. For reasons that are not known at this time, this fortress was abandoned in middle of the 11th century and the Lindanise Castle was built on the current Toompea Hill, which can… Read More »

05.05.2018 – Heads of state of the Republic of Estonia. Arnold Rüütel

* 10.05.1928 in Saaremaa President of the Republic 08.10.2001-09.10.2006 Following his graduation from agricultural college, Arnold Rüütel worked as an agronomist, teacher, and zoo technician between 1949 and 1963, after that he worked as the Director of the Tartu Model Sovkhoz and graduated from the Estonian Academy of Agriculture in 1964 whilst working. In 1969,… Read More »

03.05.2018 – EUROPA. Stone Bridge and Arched Bridge in Tartu

The Tartu Stone Bridge was a three-arched bridge located at the current spot of the Arched Bridge in 1784–1941. The bridge is a well-known symbol of the university town and a great example of classicist stone architecture of the 18th century. Construction on the Stone Bridge over the Emajõgi in Tartu began in 1776, after… Read More »