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30.05.2018 – Definitive Stamp. Tallinn

The ancient history of Tallinn dates back to the first century, when a fortress was built in Iru, which also included a settlement. For reasons that are not known at this time, this fortress was abandoned in middle of the 11th century and the Lindanise Castle was built on the current Toompea Hill, which can… Read More »

05.05.2018 – Heads of state of the Republic of Estonia. Arnold Rüütel

* 10.05.1928 in Saaremaa President of the Republic 08.10.2001-09.10.2006 Following his graduation from agricultural college, Arnold Rüütel worked as an agronomist, teacher, and zoo technician between 1949 and 1963, after that he worked as the Director of the Tartu Model Sovkhoz and graduated from the Estonian Academy of Agriculture in 1964 whilst working. In 1969,… Read More »

03.05.2018 – EUROPA. Stone Bridge and Arched Bridge in Tartu

The Tartu Stone Bridge was a three-arched bridge located at the current spot of the Arched Bridge in 1784–1941. The bridge is a well-known symbol of the university town and a great example of classicist stone architecture of the 18th century. Construction on the Stone Bridge over the Emajõgi in Tartu began in 1776, after… Read More »

29.04.2018 – Estonian Ballet 100 years

On April 29, 2018 Estonian Ballet celebrates it’s 100th anniversary in the Estonian National Opera with the International Dance Day Gala – „Estonian Ballet 100″. For jubilee theatre publicized the anniversary book „Estonian Ballet 100″ (222 pg) – expanded upon the centenary of our ballet history. In theatre the first permanent ballet group was settled… Read More »

29.03.2018 – Bird of the year. Capercaillie

The capercaillie is a native species and one of the natural symbols of Estonia. It is one of the first bird species to arrive here after the last ice age, and has stayed here as least as long as man has. Female and male capercaillie differ both in size and colour. The male bird has… Read More »

15.03.2018 – Estonian Flag 1.40 €

The combination of the blue, black and white colours of the Estonian national flag is one of the most important and most beloved national symbols. Of the colours, blue represents the nation’s bright future and indicates the Nordic sky, with black recalling the past of the nation as well as the black earth, while white… Read More »

22.02.2018 – Centenary of the Republic of Estonia silver stamp

On 24 February 1918, the “Manifesto to the Peoples of Estonia”, assembled by the Estonian Provincial Assembly, was printed in Tallinn and it included the following statement: In this hour, the Estonian National Council, as the legal representative of our land and people, has, in unanimous agreement with Estonian democratic political parties and organizations, and… Read More »

16.02.2018 – Chinese New Year – the year of the dog

As of 2011, we have issued a series of postal stamps in honour of the Chinese New Year every year. This series is the eighth of this kind and is dedicated to the year of the dog, which starts on 16 February. There are twelve animal characters in Chinese astrology and the dog is the… Read More »

26.01.2018 – Estonian Defence League 100 years

The DEFENCE LEAGUE is a voluntary national defence institution which is militarily organised, conducts military exercises, bears arms and performs the duties that arise from and have been placed upon it on the basis of the Estonian Defence League Act. Created on 11 November 1918, the DEFENCE LEAGUE is the oldest and largest national defence… Read More »