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23.05.2019 – 100th anniversary of the Patent Office

The Patent Office came into existence together with Estonian statehood. On 23 May 1919, an official for patents was appointed by order of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Estonia. This day is considered the beginning of legal protection for industrial property in Estonia and thus is also the birthday of… Read More »

20.05.2019 – 100th anniversary of Metrosert

The ‘Metrosert 100’ stamp being issued on World Metrology Day on 20 May 2019 is dedicated to the centenary of Estonia’s Central Office of Metrology and to the redefined SI base units coming into force on the same date. Established on 1 July 1919 as the Chamber of Weights and Measures, today’s AS Metrosert functions… Read More »

16.05.2019 – 200th birth anniversary of Johann Voldemar Jannsen

Johann Voldemar Jannsen (birth name Jaan Jensen; born 16 May 1819 in Vana-Vändra Rural Municipality – died 13 July 1890 in Tartu) was an Estonian journalist, schoolmaster and one of the leaders of the national awakening movement. Jannsen was born into a miller and tavern-keeper’s family in Vändra, Pärnu County. He studied at a municipal… Read More »

25.04.2019 – EUROPA. National bird

The barn swallow (Hirundo rustica) is a passerine with blackish blue upperparts, off-white underparts, rufous forehead, chin and throat and a deeply forked tail, of which 100,000 to 200,000 pairs live in Estonia. It mainly nests in man-made structures, such as stables, attics and under the eaves of buildings, where it builds a nest of… Read More »

24.04.2019 – Parliament of Estonia, Riigikogu 100

The Republic of Estonia was born on 24 February 1918. A year later, the Estonian people elected their first representative body – the Estonian Constituent Assembly. The opening session was held on 23 April 1919 and this date is now celebrated as the birthday of the Estonian Parliament. The Assembly created the formal basis for… Read More »

28.03.2019 – The liverleaf

The liverleaf or hepatica (Hepatica nobilis) belongs to the family Ranunculaceae, genus Hepatica. The herbaceous plant, a perennial, grows to 10-20 cm in height, with one flower at the end of each hairy stem. In the wild, one plant usually has from eight to twelve stems. The flower of the hepatica generally measures 2–3 cm… Read More »

14.03.2019 – Osmussaare lighthouse

Osmussaar lighthouse stands on the edge of the Baltic klint on the north-west tip of the island of the same name, which sits quite a distance from the coast on an important shipping lane in the Gulf of Finland. As such, it is an important marker for navigation. A stone light tower was constructed on… Read More »

22.02.2019 – Tallinn University 100

Tallinn University 100 years of leading intelligent lifestyle Tallinn University has been the leader and promoter of intelligent lifestyle in Estonia by educating new teachers and serving as an education innovator for 100 years already. Education for new teachers commenced in Tallinn in the year 1919 and even though the names of the educational institutions… Read More »