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20.11.2018 – Dictionary of Standard Estonian 100

Every nation has dictionaries and grammar for harmonising and developing their literary standards. For almost a century, Estonians have had dictionaries of standard language as their main dictionaries. The first dictionary of this kind was the Estonian spelling dictionary, published as a publication of the Estonian Literary Society in Tallinn in 1918. This dictionary harmonised… Read More »

17.11.2018 – Classics of Estonian painting

Classics of Estonian painting JOHANN KÖLER (1826–1899) was the first Estonian painter to acquire an academic education in art. He founded the Estonian portrait and landscape painting, and partially the Estonian genre painting as well. Köler was awarded a small gold medal upon graduation from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. He was part of… Read More »

12.11.2018 – Eesti Post 100

This year, Eesti Post celebrates its 100th anniversary with the Republic of Estonia. On 13 November 1918, Commander of the Defence League Colonel Johann Unt issued an order to assign Hindrek Rikand as the caretaker of Tallinn postal and telegraph office, and this marked the establishment of the Estonian postal company. On 1 June 1991,… Read More »

18.10.2018 – Estonian fauna. Golden jackal

The jackal or golden jackal (Canis aureus) is a predator in the genus Canis and family Candidae. There are 13 sub-species of the jackal. The golden jackal is the only jackal that lives outside of Africa. This is a very adaptive species that can subsist on anything available and live in diverse areas, including savannas… Read More »

18.09.2018 – Electric Marathon Tallinn – Monte Carlo

Tallinn was one of the starting points for the Monte Carlo rally in 1930–1939; as of 2011, the legendary competition is driven by electric cars. 2018 marks the first time that the electric car marathon follows the route from the Tallinn–Monte Carlo rally, which was held in the 1930s and was driven along the Baltics… Read More »

17.09.2018 – Tallinn University of Technology 100

On 17 September 2018, the Tallinn University of Technology will be celebrating its 100th Jubilee. In order to honour this grand event, a new postage stamp called TaITech (the new short name for the university) has been created. The Tallinn University of Technology was founded in 1918 along with the Republic of Estonia in order… Read More »

28.08.2018 – Litwinsky house. Joint issue Estonia-Israel.

The Litwinsky House is an outstanding architectural monument in Tel Aviv. It was built by Yaakov Elhanan Litwinsky (1852-1916), a well-known businessman who immigrated from Odessa. Before that he had purchased one of the original sixty-six lots in Ahuzat Bayit, the nucleus of the future Tel Aviv. The house he built with his family at… Read More »

23.08.2018 – Estonian mushrooms. False morel

False morels (Gyromitra esculenta) are one of the most common Estonian springtime mushrooms and are especially widespread in sandy pine forests. The false morel has an irregular-shaped, convoluted and twisted cap which resembles the human brain. Even though poisonous when eaten fresh, it is a great edible mushroom if parboiled. Toxins are volatile in case… Read More »

22.07.2018 – Kadriorg Palace and Park 300

The Palace and Park ensemble of Kadriorg was established during the beginning of the 18th century, when the Russian Tsar Peter the Great bought the summer mansion of the Drenteln family and nearly a hundred hectares of land beneath the hillside of Lasnamäe in 1714. On 22 July 1718, Italian architect Niccola Michetti and Peter… Read More »