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New book and shop

Ahto Tanner new handbook-catalogue “Postage due and postal markings in Estonia 1918-1944” is released. The handbook takes in-depth look at postage due, “return to sender”, “from collection box” and other markings used on postal items in Estonia in 1918-1944. Issued 2018. Size A4, spiral bound, about 60 pages, full color. In English. Read More … New… Read More »

The first stamp of Imperial Russia, Weissenstein 1858

Here we see the first Russian postage stamp issued in 1857. It is cancelled using dateless 2-line “вейсен штейнъ” postmark from Weissenstein (Paide) in Estonia. This postmark is not listed in Hurt/Ojaste Handbook and was likely in use in 1858 until numeral cancel “384” arrived. Continue reading at Ahto’s Postal History Blog…

Märjamaa Postal History

Märjamaa Tunatoimkonna Toimetised II; Märjamaa 650: kogumik Märjamaa piirkonna ajaloost. (Märjamaa, 2014, 432 pages, 29 cm). This is a book about the history of Märjamaa area in Estonian language. On pages 318 – 330 Sergei Seeland is giving overview: The history of mail connection in Märjamaa on 17th century to the year 1941. Regular mail… Read More »