Estonian technology. PTO-4 training airgraft

Date of Issue : April 10, 2002
Designer : Henno Arrak
Denomination : 6 kr
Perforation : 14:13¾
Sheet Content : 10 Stamps (5 x 2)
Printing Process : Offset
Printing House : AS Vaba Maa
Quantity Issued : 254 370
Order Number : 248-03-2002
First Day Cover Number : 2002-8
Eesti Post : PTO-4 training airgraft

In 1938, Estonian constructors Voldemar Post, Rein Tooma and Otto Org built a PTO-4 training aircraft after their own design. The aircraft could fly at a maximum speed of 245 km per hour and had a ceiling of 5,000 meters. After comparative test flights with the Miles Magister trainer aircraft, the Estonian Air Defence acquired the PTO-4 monoplane license and launched its production. On 12 October 1938 PTO-4 was taken into service in the Air Force under No 161. Estonia's aviation club Aeroklubi used PTO-4 as a civilian aircraft.

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