House and tree sparrow

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  • Date of Issue : March 7, 2002
    Designers : Signe Viilik, Janno Poopuu
    Denomination : 4 kr 40 s
    Perforation : 12¾:13
    Sheets : 20 stamps (4 by 5)
    Printing Process : Offset
    Printing House : AS Vaba Maa
    Quantity Issued : 406 980
    Order Number : 244-02-2002
    First Day Cover Number : 2002-4
    Eesti Post : Bird of the Year
    (Hause and tree sparrow)

    The Estonian Ornithological Society has chosen the house sparrow and the tree sparrow as birds of the year 2002.
    The habitat of these two very common birds is mostly human-modified situations, such as farms, residential and urban areas. Their foods are mainly seeds, both of cereal grains and of weeds, although they also feed on insects and fruit.
    The nest is normally in an artificial cavity, often inside or on a building or other structure, or in a natural cavity, such as a tree hole.
    There are usually four to ten (mostly 5-7) eggs, which the female parent incubates for ten to thirteen days. The young, which both parents care for, fledge after ten to seventeen days, with one to two brooks per summer.
    Both birds are streaked brown or black on top and whitish grey below. The tree sparrow has a rufous crown on a grey head, and a dark spot in the centre of the breast.
    The house sparrow is an agile, lively bird, often brazen and quarrelsome. Its is common anywhere near human settlements.

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