Laupa Hall

Estonian Manors Stamps:

01.06.1999 - Olustvere
23.05.2000 - Palmse
17.04.2001 - Laupa

Date of Issue : April 17, 2001
Designer : Jaan Saar
Denomination : 4 kr 40 s
Perforation : 14:13¾
Sheet Content : 50 Stamps (5 x 10)
Printing Process : Offset
Printing House : AS Vaba Maa
Quantity Issued : 512 450
Order Number : 219-03-2000
First Day Cover Number : 2001-8
Eesti Post : Laupa Hall

Laupa Hall in the central Järva County stands on the bank of the upper River Pärnu southwest of Türi and was first mentioned in records in the 17th century. The present manor hall was built in about 1910 by the then owners, the von Taubes, instead of an earlier mansion, which had been burnt down by bands of revolting workers and peasants in 1905.

One of the most outstanding examples of the retrospective trend of Art Nouveau in Estonia, it is slightly reminiscent of early 18th-century baroque and its décor had no parallels among other Estonian country houses of the period.

Nationalized under the Estonian land reform of 1919, it has been a school since 1922.

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