Estonian Congress, 10th anniversary

Date of Issue : March 9, 2000
Designer : Vello Lillemets
Denomination : 3 kr 60 s
Perforation : 13¾:14
Sheet Content : 50 Stamps (10 x 5)
Printing Process : Offset
Printing House : AS Vaba Maa
Quantity Issued : 600 750
Order Number : 187-02-2000
First Day Cover Number : 2000-4
Eesti Post : Congress of Estonia 10th anniversary

The Congress of Estonia, a representative body of citizens of the Republic of Estonia, was elected in February 1990 by nearly 600,000 citizens of Estonia. Those people were registered over the previous year, both in Estonia and in Estonian communities in exile, by the grassroot movement of Estonian Citizens Committees in one of the biggest civic initiatives in Estonia in the 20th century, in essence a unique referendum in favour of the restoration of independence.
The first session of the Congress of Estonia took place in Tallinn from 11 to 12 March 1990. Activity of the Congress of Estonia in 1990-1992 created conditions for the restoration of Estonian independence in 1991 on the basis of the legal continuity of Estonian statehood. The Congress was dissolved when the legal Estonian parliament, the Riigikogu, convened in 1992.

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