Tartu Peace Treaty between Estonia and Russia,
80th Anniversary

Date of Issue : February 2, 2000
Designer : Riho Luuse
Denomination : 3 kr 60 s
Perforation : 14:13¾
Sheet Content : 50 Stamps (5 x 10)
Printing Process : Offset
Printing House : AS Vaba Maa
Quantity Issued : 600 750
Order Number : 185-01-2000
First Day Cover Number : 2000-2
Eesti Post : Tartu Peace Treaty between Estonia and Russia, 80th anniversary
2 February 2000 marks the 80th anniversary of the signing of the peace treaty of Tartu between the Republic of Estonia and Russia (then Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic). By the document, singed after fourteen months of warfare between the two countries, Russia recognised the independence of Estonia. By the Tartu Peace Treaty, Estonia gained its first international recognition, followed, some time later, by Western powers' recognition. The treaty set a firm legal basis to successful existence of the Estonian state as a member of the European family of nations since the II World War and after the restoration of Estonian independence in 1991.

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