Talinn Zoo. Siberian Tiger

Date of Issue : September 17, 1998
Designer : Sandor Stern
Denomination : 3 kr 60 s
Perforation : 13-:14
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Printing Process : Offset
Printing House : AS Vaba Maa
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Order Number : 156-06-1998
First Day Cover Number : 1998-14
Estonian Post : Tallinn Zoo
Catalogue EHS : 169
Michel : 333
Scott : 350

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  • Tallinn Zoo:

    26.03.1997 - six animals
    17.09.1998 - Siberian tiger
    18.02.1999 - Snow leopard
    13.06.2000 - Amur long-tailed goral
    4.10.2001 - Chinese alligator

    The Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) is a tiger subspecies of northernmost distribution. It occurs in the Russian Far East, northeastern China and northern Korea. Due to excessive logging, intensive hunting and scarcity of prey animals, the numbers of Siberian tiger had become so small by the middle of this century that it was listed int the International Red Data Book as the first endangered tiger species. To save the animal from extinction, the zoos under the coordination of Leipzig Zoo started captive breeding programmes. In 30 years notable results were achieved. In the 1980s the captive population of Siberian tigers reached 1000 inividuals and the wild population was maintained at the level of 700 individuals. The conservation actionas had stopped the decline the species. At Tallinn Zoo the Amur tiger has been breeding since 1971.

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