20.11.2014 – Christmas 2014

By | 17/11/2014

587_588_Joulud2014_uudisHello, Christmastime! I am writing to you for the first time and honestly I actually do not known what to say, I am sitting in my room and looking at the clock and its hands are moving so fast that I’m afraid that you are over soon. I understand that I shouldn’t think so. What do you think, Christmas Time? Should I jump right away on sled to snowy slopes, a gingerbread melting in my cheek? Or should I lie down under the fir-tree in my yard and disappear among the shine of frost-covered decorations? Oh, you are wright – I should enjoy this special time together with my family and friends. The hands of the clock are moving all through the year, but Christmas is only for an instance. Thank you Christmastime, for being there!

Estonian Post 587-20.11.14, Estonian Post 588-20.11.14

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