17.09.2018 – Tallinn University of Technology 100

By | 11/09/2018

On 17 September 2018, the Tallinn University of Technology will be celebrating its 100th Jubilee. In order to honour this grand event, a new postage stamp called TaITech (the new short name for the university) has been created.
The Tallinn University of Technology was founded in 1918 along with the Republic of Estonia in order to promote technical and engineering education and it has grown into a university of technology drawing from the structural needs of the Estonian industry. The university played a key role in the development and energetics of Estonian oil shale industry, shaped the local economic elite and been a leader of innovation and digital matters.
In order to innovate the world, one has to be undergo regular innovation by itself as well – it is vital to be innovative, entrepreneurial, international and technological. This is exactly what TalTech encompasses!

Estonian Post 691-17.09.18

About this stamp in philately foorum.