17.03.2016 – Centenary of the Republic of Estonia. Innovation

By | 14/03/2016

621_Arhitektuur_uudisModern architecture has always gone along with technological novelties of the age, using achievements both in material sciences as well as in the information technology sphere. Architecture well reflects also the attitudes of the modern society, changes in the peoples’ lifestyles and habits. The new Estonian architecture has the face of innovational thinking and the stamps feature parts of them: The building of the Tartu University Narva college of exciting lines of form speak the story of the complicated history of the town. The Snail Tower is a conspicuous landmark right on the bank of the River Emajõgi. The Estonian Embassy building in Beijing represents its restrained architecture and the Nordic taste of clear lines. The Rotermann Quarter in Tallinn is a good example of interfusion of historical and new architecture.

Estonian Post 621-17.03.16, booklet

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