16.10.2015 – Tahkuna lighthouse

By | 09/10/2015

608_Tahkuna_uudisThe Tahkuna lighthouse lies on the Estonian Hiiumaa island’s the northern peninsula of the same name. The lighthouse was built in 1875 and its duty is to warn ships sailing from the Gulf of Finland into the Baltic Sea from the dangerous Hiiumadal and shoals in entry into the Muhu Straight. The 43 meter lighthouse has a white tower and a red lantern. Its diameter on the ground is 8.95 m and 4 meters at the tip. By 1879, in connection with the change to petrol, a fuel storehouse which operated until World War One was put up next to it. There were fierce battles at the Tahkuna lighthouse during World War Two and its lighting equipment suffered badly. By 1951 it got new equipment and thoroughly restored. In 1961 the Tahkuna lighthouse became one of the first Baltic Sea lighthouses with an automatic diesel electricity generator. At present the visibility of the Tahkuna Lighthouse is 12 miles. This year Tahkuna Lighthouse marks its 14th anniversary.

Estonian Post 608-16.10.15

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