12.03.2015 – Definitive Stamp. Elva

By | 09/03/2015

593_Elva_infokaart_uudisThe city of Elva is the second in size in the Estonian Tartu County both in terms of the number of population and size of its territory (991,6 ha, population 5771 on Jan 1, 2015). The history of the city is closely connected with the railway and the date of the foundation of the city is July 22, 1889 when the railway station building that received the signboard „Elva“. Elva is a beautiful small town that is known for its numerous pinewoods and lakes. The best known lakes are Verevi and Arbi and 40 % of the territory of the city is covered with nature reserves and forest parks. The local sunny pinewoods, lakes with warm water and the picturesque banks of the Elva River have provided opportunities of rest since nearly a century now. Also today Elva is the educational and cultural attraction center. Elva’s nature offers magnificent opportunities for active spending of free time and practice health sports.

Estonian Post 593-12.03.15

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