08.05.2017 – EUROPA. Keila-Joa and Maarjamäe castle

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The design of the Castle of Keila – Joa was made by the Saint Peterburg architect Hans Stackenschneider who later became a court architect and the most important representative of the historical style in Russia. The castle was built next to the Keila river on the right bank and it was one of the first neo-Gothic style buildings in Estonia. The flat roof two storey building is characterized by lancet arch windows and a tower with a crenelated balustrade in the back corner of the building. The manor house complex has been built in 1833.

The design of the Maarjamäe summer estate that lies on the eastern coast of the Tallinn Bay was made by professor Robert Gödicke of the St Petersburg Art Academy, while the building work was directed by Nikolai Thamm, student of the St Petersburg Art Academy, and the building was probably completed in 1874. The most remarkable part of the historicist main building is its tower that is pseudo-Gothic in form, quadrangular at the base and octagonal at the top. Above the spectacular portal that vivifies the facade has been fastened the arms of Orlov – Davõdovs with the motto, Fortitudine et Constantia.

Estonian Post 654-08.05.17 and 655-08.05.17

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