01.09.2018 – My gift to Estonia. Children’s Drawing Competition.

By | 28/08/2018

In 2018, the Republic of Estonia celebrates a very significant birthday. On this occasion the preparation of a gift has been entrusted into the most talented hands – the children of Estonia. Eager kids grabbed their pencils and brushes and that is how the book of stamps ‘My gift to Estonia’ was created in the framework of a drawing contest organised by the kids’ website of Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR Lastejaam), Estonia 100 and Omniva.
The Drawing Contest took place in three age groups: 0–6 y.o. babies and toddlers, children aged 7–11 and teenagers aged 12–16. Over 850 drawings were sent in and the jury selected 24 of the best works. Three winners were chosen by the popular vote on the kids’ website of Estonian Public Broadcasting.
The 0-6 category winner was a colourful picture made by the toddlers of the ‘Bearcubs’ class from a Tartu Kindergarten ‘Little Sunshine’. In the category of 7–11-year-olds, the drawing of a barn swallow by little Emily, a national costume pattern, and a picture of cornflowers were chosen for new stamps, as well as a windmill drawn by Ann-Elisbeth from the 12–16 y.o. age group. The winning pictures were announced on Children’s Day, 1 June, at the Tallinn Zoo.

Estonian Post 690-01.09.18

About this souvenir sheet in philately foorum.